BQuizz : connected buzzer

– Connected buzzer –

– standalone box without Internet connection 

– quiz, blind tests and interactive games –

BQuizz is a standalone box that turns smartphones from guests into an interactive buzzer. No need for Internet, the box generates its own Wifi networks and contains its own web application. BQuizz does not replace the animator and does not impose any particular game mode : quiz, blind test or interactive games, BQuizz just does his job, dealing with buzzers, displaying and counting points.

Guest side

Each team connects to the WiFi ‘ Bquizz ‘ and then goes to the address ‘ ‘ via its Internet browser. It then enters its nickname, its photo and chooses its buzzer… All right, ready to play !

Moderator side

BQuizz has a very simple administration interface accessible via a browser (mobile, tablet or computer). One button to engage the buzzers, another to pause them. Each buzz blocks the buzzer from other teams and the moderator chooses to assign (or not) the points.

Main screen

BQuizz offers a main screen (HDMI or VGA output) to display the scores and photo of the teams. You can also connect its audio output to amplify the buzz of the teams.


  • Connected Buzzers System
  • Fully autonomous box (no need for Internet)
  • Up to 50 simultaneous teams
  • Many options for the animator
    • Limiting the number of teams
    • Number of points affected by default
    • Screen background and announcement message for the main screen
    • Wallpaper for the application of the guests


    • BQuizz embedded kiosk software (updates available)
    • Intel N2840 64-bit processor | 2GB RAM
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with 10dbi antennas
    • HDMI full HD Video output
    • Consumption max. 20w
    • Comes with carrying case and power supply


BQuizz modules are being developed. They will be available for sale within a few weeks.


Under construction…