VEGA: dynamic multimedia display

– Dynamic display with native PowerPoint ® | photos | PDF | fullscreen videos –

– No central server and no proprietary application –

– Standalone box without Internet connection –

VEGA is a simple and economical dynamic display solution. Each VEGA, connected to a screen and your network, allows you to view PowerPoint® slideshows, PDFs, photos, and full-screen videos remotely from your computer. Multiple screens ? No problem. Each VEGA box automatically built a virtual network that you can supervise with your only Internet browser.

Easy and accessible

Native support for Microsoft PowerPoint® format allows you to create dynamic pages and display them without any other technical knowledge. This universal format, very popular and widely distributed, today allows to integrate any kind of content (texts, videos, images, animations) in the form of a slideshow played in a loop. The VEGA solution is also compatible with all multimedia formats (photos, videos, PDF).


The VEGA system is a solution without a central server and without proprietary applications. The box is completely autonomous and does not need an Internet connection. To drive the system, VEGA has a Web application built into its box. A simple Internet browser is enough to connect to it and transfer the files to be displayed without any installation on the workstation. Finally, each VEGA box connected to the network automatically recognises its counterparts and make a VEGA virtual network, always accessible from any computer station.


For larger infrastructures, the configuration of the modules allows to cut the VEGA virtual network into several sub-networks in order to form groups of screens. Each group is then accessible independently.


If the VEGA modules are simple to install, they are even more to use. In your Internet browser, type the address of one of the modules to connect to the VEGA network. Then, drag any slideshow, PDF, photo, or video file to the screen of your choice to start the display.

Exceptional rendering

Thanks to its native technology, VEGA offers exceptional rendering. You can push the transitions and animations of your PowerPoint® presentations up to the highest level, their broadcasts will always conform to your originals.


The VEGA modules integrate the HDMI-CEC technology which allows them to control the automatic switching “on” and “off” of the screen during programmed hours. During these off-peak hours, the module is in standby with a significant reduction of its consumption and that of the screen.


VEGA modules are self-contained and can be installed by your care without advanced computer skills. Without a subscription, the total cost of the solution is limited to the cost of purchasing a module per screen. The most profitable dynamic display solution on the market !

Technical characteristics

    • VEGA onboard kiosk software (updates available)
    • Intel Atom 64 bit Processor Z8350 | 2GB RAM
    • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n | Gigabit Ethernet
    • HDMI full HD Video output
    • Consumption max. 20w
    • Compatible PowerPoint ® software:
      • Microsoft-PowerPoint (97 or SUP)
      • The Document Foundation-LibreOffice (v4 or SUP)
      • Apache-OpenOffice (v3 or SUP)
    • Supported Formats:
      • PowerPoint ®. ppt,. pptx,. pps,. ppsx
      • Adobe ® PDF
      • Any photo format (jpg, PNG, GIF, etc…)
      • Any video format (AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, etc…)


The VEGA modules are developed and tested in France by CAMtronic. They are available for direct sale on Amazon or by request for quotation. Would you like to become a dealer ? Contact us to get our conditions.


Download the VEGA commercial brochure.

Download the VEGA user manual.

Download the latest version of the software: Vega. 1.24. (Copy this file to the USB drive of the box before it starts for automatic updating)