HF and USB buzzers

100 mm buzzer with LED
HF or USB system
F14 compatible structure
custom colors

USB buzzers

This buzzer has an XLR connection. You can therefore deport it up to 50 m thanks to simple microphone cables. The feet of his hull have a spacing of 8 cm, which allows him to insert directly into the top of a beam F14.

HF Buzzers

Same design as USB, our HF buzzer uses 433 MHz radio technology. It can operate on battery with a minimum autonomy of 12 H. With its USB receiver (a receiver can handle 50 HF buzzers), its range is greater than 500 m.


Software side, this buzzer does not need a driver. It is seen as a standard communication port of the system (Windows, Linux, Mac). Directly compatible with our BQuizz system, it can also simulate the keys of a keyboard thanks to the utility “BuzzKeys” (Windows 10 only) which makes it compatible with most software of quiz of the market.


Make the choice of tailor-made! for the same price, choose the color of your button as well as that of your shell when ordering (button: green, white, red, blue, yellow, shell: black, red, blue, green, orange).

Price and availability

Our HF and USB buzzers are developed and manufactured in France by CAMtronic. They are available for direct sale on Amazon or by request for a quote. Do you want to become a reseller? contact us to get our conditions.


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BuzzKeys 1.1.0 : Windows

Startup guide for HF buzzers.