Mechanical design and prototyping

We can help you with the design and manufacture of a prototype. Our areas of intervention are :

  • 2d & 3d CAD
  • Mechanical design and integration
  • Prototyping
  • CNC and 3d printer (without subcontracting, machines available in our workshop)

Study | Design | Making electronic cards

Get functional prototypes of electronic cards very quickly.

  • Specification and design of printed circuits
  • Routing
  • Design and mechanical Integration
  • Prototyping by ‘English engraving’ (in our workshop) or subcontracting
  • CMS and traverse Assembly
  • Testing and validation
  • Support for serial production

Software development

We offer you our software development services, whether on mobile platform, fixed, embedded.

  • Specification and design
  • Development on micro-controller
  • Mobile application IOS/Android
  • Windows/Linux/MAC development
  • Web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • Using the latest frameworks (Qt5/NodeJS/…)
  • Testing and validation

Whatever your project, please contact us.