Wallee : interactive photo wall

interactive photo wall

autonomous system without the need for the Internet

photo sharing with or without mobile application

Wallee is an interactive photo wall. During an event, it allows to display in real time the photos taken by the participants with their smartphones as well as by professional photographers and photobooths. With Wallee, no need for Internet connection, the box is autonomous and generates its own Wifi network. The installation is of childish simplicity : a plug, a screen and… a Wallee ! Each participant can send their photos directly to the box via their smartphone. At the end of the event, all photos can be retrieved on a single USB stick.

In situation. . .

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No Internet ? No problem. Wallee is totally self-sufficient. Take him everywhere with you. Plug it into a screen or video projector and let the participants do the show. For the public, the box has two photo sharing modes : With or without a mobile application (both modes can be used simultaneously).
Sharing with the mobile application ‘ Wallee ‘
Participants can download the mobile application ‘Wallee’ for free. This application allows you to take photos, create animations (animated GIF) or texts and send them directly to Wallee.
Sharing without a mobile application
Without application, participants can connect to the WiFi network ‘Wallee’ and can share their photos by typing the address ‘wallee.tv‘ in their Internet browsers. This mode allows you to use Wallee even in areas where the application cannot be downloaded.

Photobooth compatible

Wallee can easily (and free of charge) fit into one or more photobooth. Each photo taken by your devices is then directly displayed on Wallee, as the participants do with their smartphones. We invite you to follow this tutorial to know the technical implementation details.

DSLR compatible

For professional photographers, Wallee is compatible with all wireless Wifi transmitters (*) on the market (Nikon WT-X, Canon WFT-X, CamRanger, etc…) and all Wifi digital SLR (*). All photos taken by your device are then transmitted and displayed in real time on the photo wall.

We invite you to follow this tutorial to know the technical implementation details.

(*) Transmitters with FTP protocol, photos in JPEG format.

Visual themes

Fireworks (Wallee mini & Wallee-R)
Showing the last 16 photos. Each new photo replaces the oldest. The wall moves automatically when no picture has been received for some time.
Polaroid (Wallee mini & Wallee-R)
Displays the last 8 photos in the form of Polaroids. Each new photo replaces the oldest.
Post-it (Wallee-R only)
Adjustable between 12 and 64 photos. Each photo is pinned to the wall. The new photos replace the older ones.
Mono (Wallee-R only)
64 latest photos. Photos are displayed one by one in full screen. Several transition options.

Additional themes

CAMtronic can provide you with additional visual themes, tailor-made for your events. For example, the theme “LOGO” that recreates the logo of your company from photos of participants. For any request, do not hesitate to contact us.


Wallee offers a monitoring interface available from any Internet browser (mobile, tablet, laptop). Choose the display theme, the photo moderation mode, a title for your event, a wallpaper and much more… Remove or add a photo of the wall at any time. Finally, insert a simple USB stick into the case to transfer all the photos.


Mobility and autonomy. A video projector, a wallee : an interactive photo wall ! You are a photographer, event agency, technical provider : Add Wallee to your benefit list. At the end of the event, simply offer a USB stick with all the photos to your customers.


Wallee also settles in places. Collect photos from your evenings and spread them on social networks : advertising and attractiveness guaranteed !

Advantages : a private social wall

Wallee offers a very different approach to the many ‘ social wall ‘ available on the Internet. Here are the main advantages of the box compared to online solutions.

  • Simplify your life : 
    – operating system in less than a minute,
    – works anywhere, without Internet and without a computer,
    – a screen + a Wallee = an interactive photo wall !
  • Free your participants :
    – open to all, post photos without account on social networks and without #hashtag,
    – a simple and intuitive system to share photos, even without mobile application,
    – no sending on the Internet, photos remain private to the event.
  • Master your communication :
    – recover your photos at the end of the event on a simple USB stick,
    – filter, edit, delete before replaying.
  • Reduced cost : buy and make profitable your Wallee module in a few benefits !

Wallee-R Model

  • Wallee-R embedded kiosk software (updates available)
  • 64-bit Intel Core i3 6100U 2.3 GHz Processor | 4GB RAM
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n Double antenna
  • HDMI Video Output (adaptive 480p to 4k auto) or VGA (FullHD)
  • Dimensions (mm) 175 * 130 * 45 (L/L/h)
  • Consumption max. 50w
  • Comes with carrying case and power supply

Model Wallee Mini

  • Wallee Mini embedded kiosk software (updates available)
  • Processor 64-bit Quad-core ARM 1.2 GHz | 1GB RAM
  • Built-in Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • HDMI Video Output (Adaptive auto 480p to FullHD)
  • Dimensions (mm) 100 * 75 * 28 (L/L/h)
  • Max. 15w consumption
  • Comes with carrying case and power supply


Model / FunctionWallee miniWallee-R
Maximum display resolutionHD4K
Concurrent wifi connections (*)up to 5up to 50
Photo capacity3009000
Saving photos on internal HDDX
Photobooth compatibleX
Wifi transmitter compatibleX
Export photos to USB stickXX
Sharing via the Wallee mobile appXX
Sharing via a mobile browserXX
Remote supervisionXX
Display theme 'mini'X
R display themesX
Automatically add photos to the wallXX
Manual control of photos before diffusionX
Adding titles | logos | wallpapersX
Selective deletion of photosXX

(*) The Wallee mobile app connects to the box only when sending the photo and then disconnects immediately. With this sharing system, the Wallee box is able to cover large-scale events. The number of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections is not the maximum number of participants in the event, but rather the number of participants who can post their photos at the same time (seconds ready).

Wallee mini or Wallee-R

Wallee mini and Wallee-R are two different systems, both software and hardware. Wallee mini, much simpler, is rather reserved for fixed locations that want to install an ancillary animation (connected to a screen at the entrance of a nightclub for example). Its CPU / memory capacity as well as its small internal Wifi antenna (base raspberry PI) do not allow it to provide live services of scale (too short reach / number of simultaneous connections too low). In summary, if you are responsible for an establishment and want to use Wallee as an additional animation, Wallee mini is for you, in all other cases, we strongly recommend the R model that will meet your expectations in all the situations.

Price and availability

Wallee modules are developed and manufactured in France by CAMtronic. They are available for direct sale on Amazon or by request for quotation. Would you like to become a dealer ? Contact us to get our conditions.


Demonstrations, online help, training : CAMtronic tutorials are at your disposal. Latest software updates, feedback, follow all the news of CAMtronic modules on social networks.



Download Wallee commercial brochure.

For your participants, you can download the A6 flyer to print or a presentation of the application in the format pptx, ppsx or MP4.


Download the Wallee mini user’s manual.

Download the Wallee-R user manual.

Download the latest version of the software: Wallee-Mini.1.13 or Wallee-R.2.12

(Copy this file to a USB stick and insert it in your box before it starts for an automatic update)