Wallee connection : Photobooth

Here are the instructions to follow to connect your photobooth to Wallee-R. The ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ software is an executable program to be installed on your terminal. Its operation is as follows:

  • At startup, the program scans the photo directory of the terminal and does not transfer the photos already present in it,
  • When a new photo is saved in the directory, it tries to send it to Wallee,
  • If it fails, the program does not try to send this photo again.

This operating principle allows you to let this little software run on your photobooth in the background. You can start it automatically when you start your system. If Wallee is turned on, the photos taken by the photobooth will be automatically sent to Wallee, otherwise this will not affect the operation of the terminal.


Launch of the program

The ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ program can be launched with the following parameters:

Wallee-addon {path_to_image} {HTTP | ftp} {Wallee_password}

{Path_to_image} is the relative or absolute path where the photos taken by the terminal are located.

{HTTP | ftp} Choose ‘ http ‘ If you want the terminal to emit the photos on the ‘ public ‘ channel of the box or ‘ FTP ‘ on the private channel. Wallee has two channels of communication, a public (the one used by the mobile application and the guests) and a private one (the one used by the Wifi transmitters of professional photographers and possibly the photo terminals). On Wallee, you can choose a photo moderation mode for each channel (section ‘ System ‘ of the user manual), so we advise you to choose the ‘ FTP ‘ channel for your photobooth. This will allow you, for example, to make an automatic display of the photos coming from the photobooth and a manual moderation for those coming from the public.

{Wallee_password} password of the Wallee Administrator (section ‘ System ‘ in the user’s manual). This parameter is only necessary for the ‘ FTP ‘ mode.


Wallee-addon.1.1.exe c:/pictures ftp MyPassword

This command launches the ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ software. The software scans the C:/pictures directory. When a new photo is recorded, it transmits it using the ‘ FTP ‘ channel with the password ‘ mypassword ‘.

Connection steps

Step 1: Connection to the Wifi Wallee

You must first connect the Wifi of your photobooth with Wallee. Wallee is an open Wifi network with no password. To test the connection, run a terminal (‘ CMD ‘ on Windows) and run the ‘ ping ‘ command. This command should respond positively if your photobooth is properly connected to Wallee.

Step 2: Copy of the program

Download the latest version of the ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ software (Windows 32/64 bits, contact us for other operating systems) and copy it to your photobooth in the directory of your choice (e.g. in Documents/Wallee).

Step 3: Test the program

To test the ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ program, run a terminal (‘ CMD ‘ on Windows), go to the installation directory of ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ and run the command: Wallee-addon {path_to_image} {HTTP | ftp} {Wallee_password} as shown above. The program will show you any errors on the console.

Step 4: Installation at startup

Many techniques exist for many different operating systems. Our example uses a simple way on Windows, an operating system very widely used by photobooths.

Create a shortcut for the ‘ Wallee-addon ‘ program in the user’s startup directory (with Windows 10, press Windows + R and run the ‘ Shell: Startup ‘ command to get this directory). Then right click on the shortcut and click on ‘ Properties ‘. In the ‘ Target ‘ field, add the parameters as a result of the executable (for example: “C:/Users/xxxx/projects/Wallee/photobooth/wallee-addon.1.1.exe” C:/Pictures ftp Wallee). Then click ‘ OK ‘. To test and run the software, double-click the shortcut.

If you have any questions or problems with the installation, please contact us.